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Personal Transformation

What Is Personal Transformation Coaching?

Transformational coaching helps you work on changing the way you see yourselves. This might involve changing your self-image, perceptions about yourself and/or your limiting beliefs. It's about helping you better your physical, mental and emotional state.

Who Needs Personal Transformation Coaching?

Anyone who would like to:
  • Stop feeling empty and lost inside and would like to understand why they may be feeling this way
  • Regain a healthy body that is filled with the energy needed to enjoy a balanced life
  • Enhances their self esteem and sense of self
  • Start letting go of fear and anxiousness and gain some clarity and calmness in their lives
  • Regain balance in their life and see the beauty in small things again
  • Overcome their negative voice or inner critic and smile again
If you recognize yourself as having one or some of the above feelings, listen to your self and do something for yourself today.
"Ego says: Once everything falls into place, I will find peace.  Spirit says: Find peace and everything will fall into place"

Take that step towards clarity of mind, emotional freedom and a balance happier you. Begin your transformation today

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By taking the time to reflect, you gain a better understanding of who you are and your driving factors. Having a clear understanding helps to build emotional self-awareness.
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Professional Transformation

What Is Professional Transformation Coaching?

Many of us have big plans for the rest of our lives when we are young. Then some how life gets in the way and we find ourselves off our intended path in life. Professional Transformation Coaching is about encouraging you while you rediscover your path and gain control of your your professional future.

Who Needs Professional Transformation Coaching?

Anyone who is:
  • Unhappy at work, but not sure about being an entrepreneur
  • Stuck in the same position, but  want to be promoted
  • Starting out in business and need guidance
  • Ready to grow their business and need an outside perspective
  • Anxious about their future
  • Unclear about what to do with their lives
  • Unemployed for too long
If you recognize yourself in any of above scenarios, take that step towards a better future. Begin your transformation today

Free E-book

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Phenominal Game Changers

Vikki Harry is an inspiration to all that feel stuck in a job when their heart is not in it. After years in corporate, she realized that she did not want to miss another minute of her children's lives. What she did next is what most people are afraid to do. She followed her heart and created personalized handcrafted storage boxes.

— Vikki Harry
Owner | Momster Box
Rene Ryneveld is a perfect example of what it takes to start a business on a shoe string budget. Her catering company started in a small kitchen and today she has not only a bigger kitchen and staff, but also her own venue to host events.  As a start-up it is not always necessary to first find funding to start or grow your business

— Rene Ryneveld
Owner | Deckster's Catering
Hasna Khan is an example to others to become problem solvers.  She couldn't find 100% Organic Argon oil skin care product in South African which lead to the birth of her company Argan Green.  The lesson to take away from her journey is, if you find a gap in the market, take the opportunity to create a solution based business.

— Hasna Khan
Owner | Argan Green

Coaching Highlights

Working with the Ghana Commissioner of arts and culture team on the issue of sanitation and being able to introduce our Finland clients to support the initiative
Meeting Dr Demartini at his Breakthrough Seminar and enhancing my own skills and knowledge on the subject of human behaviour.
Interviewing John W Fredericks, author of the book turned movie, Noem My Skollie, and learning how being labelled by others can sometimes turn you into exactly that label.
Meeting Don Vino Prince, Cape Town based saxophonist at a Men's Cancer awareness event where he shared the stage with other artist like Micasa and DOEP