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What is Body Confidence?

The Body Confidence Journey is a 1:1 coaching program for men and women who want to kick the body hate habit and step into the life they want and deserve.

Many people have broken records playing in their heads of unhelpful messages from family, friends, and society about what you body should look like. Then you start to believe that your body’s not worthy of love, acceptance and respect just as it is.

Our program is designed to help you peel back and shed the layers of conditioning that have created body dissatisfaction and hate, so you can live your life as the incredible person you are.

Why Choose Body Confidence?

Too many people spend their lives struggling with food, binge eating and yo-yo dieting and can’t remember the last time they felt comfortable in their own skin. It can feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of trying endless diets and work outs. Hoping something will work to keep the weight off, only to find yourself back where you started.

Body Confidence Coaching is a way to create sustainable change in your life. Our coaching methodologies ensure that you have the tools and accountability structure you need to continue to be successful on your own after our coaching work is done.

The Body Confidence Method is a 8-week coaching journey intended to create sustainable change in your life through mental shifts, emotional breakthrough and habit changes.

During your weekly sessions we help you overcome obstacles, celebrate victories and brainstorm solutions! Our coaching is highly personalized, and so each person’s journey through the program will be different.

What The Body Confidence Journey looks like,,,

Claim what you really want -  recognize what’s really behind your desire to ‘fix’ your body. Establish what emotions you have around your current relationship with yourself, food and body image and identify what you’re needing the most support on.

Meet your body confident self – you’ll get clear about who the body confident you is and what does she want from her life?

Identify your self saboteurs –  Identify how body dissatisfaction became a part of your life. What negative recording has been playing in mind and holding you back from moving forward in life? 

Clear out the Clutter – Clear out all the things that no longer serve you such as :negative beliefs, physical clutter, habits or people.

Create your body confidence enablers – Design a body confidence plan that includes: empowering beliefs, positive habits, and how to create a body positive environment..

Continue the journey – Take the tools you’ve learned and discuss strategies and support mechanisms that you need to continue the journey for yourself. 

MOST IMPORTANT: Celebrate your progress without comparing it with anyone else’s.

About Body Confidence Coach

My name is Chesna. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach with Changing Attitudes Life Coaching and believe that everyone has the power to change their life no matter what their past looks like. 

In my many years of coaching, I still find it strange that people are generally happy to work with processes and deadlines that ensure things get done in their business or student life, yet do not apply the same concept to their personal lives. To have a coach is to  have a built in accountability system to keep you on track.to achieve your overall goals.
No matter what blocks or limiting beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck, together we will work through them, so you have a clear path and life-long tools to help you achieve your goals and live your healthiest and best life.


“I have known Chesna professionally for many years and highly recommend her to anyone ready to transform their lives. Clients that I have referred, found her coaching to be professional, helpful and constructive.  Her knowledge base is extensive. I appreciate her ethics and integrity. ”

— Charissa Bloomberg
Celebrity Psychologist
Integrity Leadership Specialist
“I'm a business mentor in business for over 40 years and enjoy mentoring up and coming business owners. I met Chesna in 2017 and have really enjoyed working with her. She is very sincere, highly qualified coach and very perceptive about people. Anyone who meets with her will be impressed with her attitude and professionalism”

— Colin Goodman
Diamand Expert | Business Mentor
“I am in the business of helping people by assisting them to become debt free. Chesna has a gift of connecting with you on a deep level that allows you to open up and explore new ways of living a fulfilled life. My journey with her as been an exciting one”

— Joy Minnies
Business Owner | Debt Quest
Board of Directors | Skillful hands
Get in touch with us today at confidence@califecoaching.co.za
We are excited to start your journey to a happy life with you and ready to answer any questions you might have about Body Confidence Coaching.

In The Media

In studio at Rands with Sense coaching a young lady to forgive herself, regain confidence and take back control of her life
In studio at CCFM radio station taking calls from listeners about how to let go of what does not serve you
In studio at Cape Town TV coaching on the importance of healthy meals and exercise for a successful business.
In studio at Smile FM radio station taking calls from listeners about finding your passion and turning it into a business