A Beautiful Life
Begins With A
Happy You

Our Philosophy

As a parent, spouse, home maker, employee, career person, business owner, it is easy to answer that those titles are who you are. It's not. Those are what you do.

At CA Life Coaching, we believe that when you know who you truly are, you find inner peace and that peace overflows into every area of your life, which in turn, attracts the happiness you seek.

Our coaching methodology is centered around finding the joy inside of you and flowing it into a happier, healthier, wealthier you.

Life Transformation Coaching

Everyone should have someone that supports them on their journey to a happy, balanced life.  CA Life Coaching wants to help you on yours.

At CA Life Coaching, we help you uncover the obstacles that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals, then develop the best course of action to help you design the life you desire.

When you sign up for coaching, we become a team. Your role is to verbalize your feelings and worries, free from judgment. Your transformational coach helps you make sense of it all, while providing you with the strength and courage to keep going moving towards your goal.

Our mission is to support you in taking the necessary actions to live the happy and purposeful life you desire.

Personal Transformation

Instead of being happy when, could you be happy while?
CA Life Coaching works with you to break through limiting beliefs and find your strength to allow the beauty of who you truly are internally so that it reflects in your life externally. When you re-discover who you were born to be, you live the life you were meant to live.
Professional Transformation

Do you feel stuck? Wondering why you are not further ahead in life? You want to move ahead, but keep running into a brick wall. Limiting beliefs tends to imprison you into a comfort zone. CA Life Coaching wants to help you break out of your comfort zone, maximize your talents and put you back on track with your happy purposeful life. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neale Walsch's


“I have known Chesna professionally for many years and highly recommend her to anyone ready to transform their lives. Clients that I have referred, found her coaching to be professional, helpful and constructive.  Her knowledge base is extensive. I appreciate her ethics and integrity. ”

— Charissa Bloomberg
Celebrity Psychologist
Integrity Leadership Specialist
“I'm a business mentor in business for over 40 years and enjoy mentoring up and coming business owners. I met Chesna in 2017 and have really enjoyed working with her. She is very sincere, highly qualified coach and very perceptive about people. Anyone who meets with her will be impressed with her attitude and professionalism”

— Colin Goodman
Diamand Expert | Business Mentor
“I am in the business of helping people by assisting them to become debt free. Chesna has a gift of connecting with you on a deep level that allows you to open up and explore new ways of living a fulfilled life. My journey with her as been an exciting one”

— Joy Minnies
Business Owner | Debt Quest
Board of Directors | Skillful hands
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In The Media

In studio at Rands with Sense coaching a young lady to forgive herself, regain confidence and take back control of her life
In studio at CCFM radio station taking calls from listeners about how to let go of what does not serve you
In studio at Cape Town TV coaching on the importance of healthy meals and exercise for a successful business.
In studio at Smile FM radio station taking calls from listeners about finding your passion and turning it into a business